Neurasol aims to provide a proven set of services to help organizations wherever they are on their Cloud journey starting from Strategy & Architecture, Analytic Solutions, Data Science, Data Lake, Managed Services, and Training. The fact that rapid changes in technology, adoption challenges, and immature support capabilities often create confusion for data and analytics leaders. With years of experience in Data and Analytics, we bring to the table successful deployments, defined processes, robust tools, and proven expertise to effectively manage, monitor, and maintain your data platforms.

We specialize in providing expert IT support services with the promise of reliability and resourcefulness around the clock. Our 24X7 support services come with a team of technical specialists who will help you break or fix emergencies irrespective of your geographical location or time zone. Upon contact/ escalation, our experts assess, prioritize, and work to resolve any issues to ensure that any problems with your application technology will be fixed upon escalation to our team. We understand that network uptime is critical to running the business efficiently, costing you more money and diverting capital from growth. We work towards achieving a lesser downtime by analyzing your current system and suggesting ways to avoid disasters way before they may occur.

Our veteran data engineers, data scientists, industry consultants, and data architects work towards addressing your immediate and future support needs, accelerate technology adoption, minimize risk, and achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our Support offerings are flexible and drive a more productive relationship with our customers.

Neurasol Support Model

We have divided our Support Services into three streams, Platform Support, Application Support and Staff Augmentation to initiate each engagement with a well-tested transition management process to ensure a seamless integration of ITCrats team with your production support, development and maintenance teams.

Legacy Modernization Services

Legacy Modernization Services is the ongoing process of transforming Legacy Systems to reduce IT environment operational complexity, costs, increase data consistency, enable collaboration across platforms and enhance process flexibility. It mainly transforming existing traditional systems into web-based thin client systems and integrate multiple related systems. The main challenge in legacy modernization is to ensure that the modernized system has similar capabilities with compatibility with existing data formats.

Neurasol make legacy systems more agile and efficient using intelligent automation, industrialized assets, specialized skills, and global delivery capabilities.

Neurasol legacy modernization expertise helps you to reimagine your core IT infrastructure with agile and resilient legacy modernization solutions to meet increasing business demands and mitigate transformation risks. ITCrats helped clients across industries with our breadth of modernization services including legacy system modernization, legacy application modernization, legacy system support, legacy application migration, legacy software support, and legacy software modernizatio

Key benefits of ITCrats 24X7 Support Services

  • Exceptional levels of incident resolution where third-party escalation is kept to a minimum.
  • Our services enable you to adopt the best suite of technologies and processes to accelerate the deployment.
  • Flexible support catering for on-premises, cloud or hybrid solutions.
  • We work with your teams to align system capabilities with your strategy and goals.
  • Experienced experts to handle support calls and incidents.
  • We empower your IT staff by off-loading security challenges.
  • Our expertise frees your teams to concentrate on delivering business value from complex projects.
  • We provide you with real-time, proactive advice from a dedicated Customer Service Manager.
  • Predictable operating costs to help business operate and plan expenditure.
  • Tailored approach to ensure the delivery of successful outcomes at optimum cost.
  • Unrivalled experience supporting Microsoft technologies.
  • Fortify your security by resolving support issues fastest.

What Our Clients Says

Our food business wants to offload basic tasks as they consume our precious time. With proper onboarding and understanding of our business, all the manual tasks are now managed by Neuurasol. Now, we focus on growing our business.

Mark Clavem

Finding the right managed service provider was challenging, but once I found Neurasol, I found the perfect partner for our business. They’re proactive and offer excellent scalability and fixed cost.


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