Managed services are the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis certain procedures and functions intended to improve operations and cut expenses. Managed services are an alternative to the break/fix or on-demand outsourcing model where the service provider does on-demand services and bills the customer only for the work done.

In the neurasol subscription model, the customer is the entity that owns or has direct oversight of the organization or system being managed whereas the Managed Services Provider is the service provider delivering the managed services. The client and the managed service provider are bound by a contract, a service-level agreement that states the performance and quality metrics of their relationship.

Accepted managed service is intended to be a proper way to adopt the latest technology, have access to skills, and address issues related to cost, quality of service, and risk. As the IT infrastructure components of many organizations are migrating to the cloud, with managed services providers increasingly facing the challenge of cloud computing, several managed services providers are providing on-premises cloud services or acting as brokers with cloud services providers. A recent survey claims that a lack of knowledge and expertise in cloud computing rather than offerors’ reluctance, appears to be the main obstacle to this transition.

Pros of Managed services

Managed services are entirely scalable, giving the companies the ability to grow indefinitely without worrying about operational future or interruptions/outrages due to an increase in complexity and customer growth.

Teams at managed service providers excel at coordinating during an unforeseen event. MSPs take extra steps to provide operational redundancy regarding equipment failures and data. Neurasol keeps a complete backup system for clients, automatically kicking in when a critical event occurs. Additionally, MSPs also deploy strong safeguards to reduce unintentional human errors. Managed security service provider, on the other hand, takes the extra step to ensure complete security, preventing any malicious actors from interrupting the service.

In-house teams excel at understanding business requirements and implementing different technologies. However, the in-house IT professionals can only offer specific expertise as they cannot know everything. That's where managed services come in, providing all-encompassing expertise. For organizations, it means access to unlimited tech talent that can help them solve any problem, maintain any system, or develop solutions.

As a business, your goal is to thrive under diverse conditions. With MSP, you get improved risk management as they use their own proprietary methodologies and modern software/infrastructure. They also adhere to best practices to enhance risk management across business processes.

Managed service providers operate at a high level of efficiency and productivity. They value business time and take a proactive, creative, yet calculated path to deliver results. This results in decreased downtime and careful handling of mission-critical applications and services. Furthermore, the managed services team also has hands-on experience in integrating technologies into fully functional models. You also get improved customer service, cutting down interruptions and downtimes. 

Cons of Managed services

Even though managed service providers are cost-effective, they can be costly upfront. To get started, you'll need to pay a hefty amount upfront, followed by subscription payment on a yearly or quarterly basis. The actual cost depends upon your business size, requirements, and technical expertise required to manage your business. There are also costs associated with scaling when needed.

Once locked with a provider, you must fulfill the contract, which can run for at least one year. However, not all managed service providers force strict contracts if you discuss it upfront. Furthermore, not all MSPs provide the same quality and responsiveness. That's why it is critical to research thoroughly on the provider before committing to their services.

Tips To Choose the Right Managed Service Provider

In the current era of the competitive market, relying on managed services is crucial for success. However, before you opt for a managed service provider, you must look for specific criteria.

  • Skill and Experience: A managed service provider with experience on complex projects can help you long-term. This can help you filter out service providers only offering basic maintenance and operation. For example, you can look for skills such as Cloud Services, Salesforce, Application Development, API Integrations, etc. With a wide range of expertise, you can ask providers to update, maintain, and manage IT infrastructure. Going through MSP’s case studies and previous projects can give you a better idea of their capabilities.
  • Scalability: As a business, you must always look for scalability options with your managed service provider. That’s because requirements can change, where you’ll need to implement new technologies or do more integrations to the IT infrastructure. A competent managed provider will allow you to scale effortlessly when required.
  • Proactive approach: The best-managed service provider must proactively maintain your IT infrastructure. They should not only implement your requirements but also proactively study your infrastructure and offer you a plan with improved efficiency, performance, and security.
  • Accessibility and Transparency: Managed service providers must make sure that they provide you updates on every change they make. This transparency can go a long way in ensuring proper communication and the right implementation of business ideas.
  • Secure environment: As managed service providers work remotely, they must offer a safe environment to store, access, and update business data. They should follow best security practices along with the latest security trends.
  • Compliance and Regulations: MSPs must offer qualified teams to manage compliance and regulations, both local and international.
  • References and Testimonials: if you want to know more about a managed service provider, look for its testimonials and references. You can check their ratings in listing services.

Neurasol Managed Services

Neurasol excels at managed services by providing a systematic approach to understanding and implementing business requirements, whether basic maintenance or integrating new and complex technologies into existing IT infrastructure.

Our team has years of experience in working on diverse projects. Our Neurasol Managed Services model considers scalability, security, and technology that directly impact businesses. We review every step with the business and offer complete transparency so clients get what they want. Our team is also proactive in learning about clients’ IT infrastructure and offering suggestions on improving efficiency, performance, and security.

What are the Benefits of the Neurasol Managed Services Model?

At Neurasol, you get tons of benefits by becoming a partner. These benefits include:

  • Better Risk Management: We manage risks by implementing best practices, security, compliance, and the ability to use proprietary methodologies and technology to solve problems.
  • Fixed Cost: We don’t lock clients on long periods of contracts. Our approach is simple: a month-on-month payment with no variance. With this approach, your business can handle budgeting confidently as you know how much you need to pay.
  • Secure Environment: The Neurasol managed services model takes security very seriously. We emphasize data protection and use best security practices to thwart cyber threats.
  • Scalable approach: At the core of our managed services model is scalability. We make changes head-on and incorporate the plan changes effortlessly using our wide range of expertise and talent.
  • Wide Range of Expertise: At Neurasol, we offer a wide variety of services that range from cloud services to Salesforce. 
  • Knowledge Retention: We do proper knowledge retention to ensure long-term benefits for our clients.

What Our Clients Says

Our food business wants to offload basic tasks as they consume our precious time. With proper onboarding and understanding of our business, all the manual tasks are now managed by Neuurasol. Now, we focus on growing our business.

Mark Clavem

Finding the right managed service provider was challenging, but once I found Neurasol, I found the perfect partner for our business. They’re proactive and offer excellent scalability and fixed cost.


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