Resource Augmentation Services

Resource augmentation is an outsourcing strategy where companies hire talent from third-party agencies to manage tasks or projects. It is a flexible way of hiring talent with contracts in place. Organizations can find resource augmentation cost-effective if done correctly, as it augments the existing workforce without the need to go through the hiring process.

Neurasol offers staff and IT augmentation services where we provide clients access to a diverse talent pool capable of working on cutting-edge technology. Our experts become part of any organization due to excellent technical and communication knowledge, providing the organization with much-needed resources. 

Resource Augmentation Goal

Neurasol IT Staff augmentation services aim to allow companies to quickly scale with changing project requirements, strengthening the in-house core team with the necessary specialized skills.

  • Accomplish immediate technological objectives cost-effectively and swiftly.
  • Minimize risks and investments by properly utilizing resources.
  • Apply suitable expertise and resources to the project.
  • Ensure strict compliance with schedules and timelines.
  • Maintain project or IT support and maintenance within the specified budget.
  • Ensure excellence for successful project outcomes.

Identify When You Need Resource Augmentation

As an organization, it is vital that you identify when you need resource augmentation. These situations include:

  • The in-house team doesn’t have the skills or expertise to complete a task or a project.
  • Need additional staffing to meet budget expectations or project deadlines.
  • The project needs access to specialized skills that your in-house developers or staff don’t have. 
  • Need a temporary expert help when setting up a permanent team.

Benefits of Resource Augmentation

Neurasol Resource Augmentation service brings multiple benefits to your organization — including cost savings, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced productivity.

  • Improved Productivity: Hiring new talent is tricky and time-consuming. It takes organizations to spend hundreds of dollars to get an employee onboard. On top of that, the employee also needs proper training before he starts adding value to the organization. Resource augmentation negates the need to hire new talent by providing access to pre-qualified talent that can have a direct impact on the project from Day 1.
  • Flexible Scalability: Resource augmentation is a temporary solution where talent can fit in anytime. This allows organizations to easily add or remove talent depending on the state of the development project.
  • Extensive Cost Savings: Organizations benefit immensely from resource augmentation in the form of reduced development costs. Resource augmentation is a temporary solution where talent is easy to add or remove. It bypasses the need to hire talent full-time and any associated costs such as insurance, employee benefits, etc.
  • New Perspective: Resource augmentation brings a new, fresh perspective to businesses, providing deep insights into the project, especially when it comes to relevancy to market and competition. Creativity and innovation can breathe new life into stagnant projects.
  • Access to Diverse Talent Pool: Neursaol resource augmentation services provide organizations access to top-skilled professionals remotely.

Neurasol Resource Augmentation Framework 

Neurasol thrives in helping organizations reach their goals. That’s why we take extra care in implementing the Resource Augmentation Framework for businesses. We let organizations focus on the business core as we care about their recruitment needs and talent pool.

As a business, you can use the Neurasol talent pool to deploy talent to your project quickly. The scalable approach works well with in-house teams, as organizations can employ people with specific talents. Once you contact us, we will start planning talent deployment and giving you access to an ideal candidate within 48 hours! Our talent pool consists of 300+ professionals globally with diverse cutting-edge technology specialties.

The key steps that we take to deploy resources to a project include:

  • Define your needs to know about your resource requirements.
  • Define the specifications of the candidate you want to hire. This includes desired candidate skills, qualifications, experience, expectations, and tech stacks.
  • We provide you with a list of suitable candidates.
  • You can perform interviews and find the most suitable candidate(s).
  • Once the choice is made, your in-house IT team creates a new candidate role with the necessary access.
  • We maintain transparent communication throughout the project so that your in-house team always controls the project.
  • Document the project/code to ensure compliance while ensuring project maintenance.

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