With each passing day, your business is generating tons of data. This data is useful, especially if you’re trying to determine answers to your business growth, performance, and challenges. To make sense of the data, you need a partner who knows how to work with data regarding aggregation, analysis, and reporting.

Meet Neurasol, a data analytics industry leader with a decade of experience working with companies who want tailored business analytics solutions to gain an advantage over the competition with access to data insights gained through historical data and modeling. With Neurasol, you gain access to a strong partner that gives your organization the data tools to drive real-time actionable insights enabling managers to make well-informed decisions.

At Neurasol, we establish our data analytics and insights services on three core pillars:

Use advanced analytical techniques and cutting-edge technology to empower businesses to find the truth hidden within the data.

Create a seamlessly automated system where managers and CEOs don’t have to write a single line of code to create meaningful in-depth reports.

Neurasol Data Analytics Services Include:

Business Intelligence and Analytics Consulting

Data Warehousing Services

Big Data Engineering

Analytics as a Service

Data Visualization and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics Consulting

Neurasol’s Business Intelligence and Analytics consulting advises businesses on how to approach BI to improve real-time decision-making. Our specialized data team identifies the key performance metrics and devises a plan where we find and implement the right technologies to create a winning strategy.

Our expert data team of data SMEs and data scientists first learn about your existing BI analytics capabilities. Next, they understand your business objectives and then create a realistic and innovative plan to match BI analytics capabilities to improve business objectives and ROI. Our data experts also provide complete end-to-end implementation consulting to improve data capture, processing, and analytics.


Data Warehousing Services

Each business is different and requires a tailor-made solution to reach its goals. This is true for data warehouse services where businesses rely on achieving their goals rather than searching for a single answer. Neurasol helps you to identify and achieve your business goals with data warehouse services by offering end-to-end DWH services including advisory, migration, implementation, support, and managed services. 

Our team of DWH experts consists of data engineers, architects, QA specialists, and data, and security experts who are capable of delivering enterprise-level projects. They also have a working knowledge of different domains, capable of solving problems with a clear vision and goal.

Neurasol offers the following data warehouse services:

  • Neurasol’s Data warehouse advisory services provide DWH solution design, DWH implementation, and consulting support.
  • Neurasol’s Data Warehouse is a service where we integrate your data warehouse with existing analytics infrastructure and BI solutions. Here, we handle the DWH configuration, data source integration, development, cleaning, migration, and support.
  • Neurasol’s Data Warehouse implementation service focuses on providing tailored DWH solutions for better data storage and consolidation. Here, we start with requirements and then move to solution conceptualization. During this process, we also do platform selection. After that, our expert team creates a DWH architecture and carries out system analysis, modeling, and ELT/ELT design. Next, we start the DWH solution development and then ensure quality assurance. After launch, we provide ongoing support.
  • Neurasol also provides complete data warehouse migration where we move existing on-premise data warehouses to the cloud. The migration team carries out a proper investigation before outlining a migration plan and strategy. The next steps include cloud data warehouse architecture designing, selecting the cloud vendor, and starting the migration process. By the end, we configure the cloud cluster, integrate on-premise and cloud environments, and test if the migration is successful.
  • Neurasol also offers warehouse testing where we carry out BI testing, performance testing, or ETL/ELT testing.
  • Neurasol’s DWH support helps you identify and resolve DWH performance and data flow issues as our team focuses on improving architecture optimization.

Big Data Engineering

If you’re looking for big data engineering for your enterprise business, then Neurasol got you covered. We enable companies to capture, organize, and gain insights into large volumes of data without overwhelming other business processes. Our approach instills innovation and focuses on robust and innovative data pipelines for advanced analytics. It gives managers the ability to make real-time decisions and create reports without writing a single line of code.

Our expert big data team also aids organizations to improve their data management systems by streamlining their data collection and delivery across multiple processes. We use advanced analytics algorithms and practices to provide the best solution.

By picking Neurasol for Big data engineering, you’re giving your organization the ability to handle data the right way. We provide strategy, roadmap creation, customization, configuration, and implementation — a complete big-data solution.

Our big data engineering services include Big Data Planning, Big Data Processing, Big Data Collection, Big Data Analysis, and Big Data Innovation with cutting-edge technology.


How Neurasol Helps You To Transform Business With Data Analytics and Insights Service

Data is everywhere. Depending on your business size, your raw data size varies — with a few gigs to petabytes of data each day. Working with unstructured and raw data is a challenge, especially when your business is deploying multiple data services and processes to solve end-user problems. 

At Neurasol, we understand that each business is different, and so are its data goals. With a client-focused approach, we understand the business goals along with brand value to deliver tangible data analytics solutions.

We take a methodological approach to accelerating data innovation. The first step is to have a clear communication channel with our data experts who understand your data analytics and insights requirements. Once that’s done, we create a data pipeline using appropriate data technologies such as Looker Studio, Dataflow, Big Data, or Power BI.

Next, we define key milestones with proper planning and execution documents. The steps include data discovery, implementation, testing, and deployment. During the whole ordeal, we use advanced analytical techniques along with cutting-edge technology to find valuable data insights for the business.

Analytics as a Service

Become a partner with Neurasol as we guide you through your business journey of continuous analytics and strategic planning. We help you overcome the challenges of acquiring and understanding new customers, strategies, and business processes.

Neurasol also provides export support to strategize, configure, and troubleshoot data solutions. 


Data Visualization and Analytics

Finding insights is vital for any business. Nureasol enables you to take the most out of your data by offering data visualization and analytics services. Our team’s experience and knowledge of various visualization techniques ensure that your organization can make the most out of all the aggregated data. 

Our team brings the best tools to create an automated pipeline for visualization, giving team members the ability to create insightful visualization reports without coding. We excel in a wide range of tools including Data Looker, Power BI, AWS, Tableau, etc., and set up the automated pipeline according to the client’s requirements, goals, and strategy.


Why Neurasol for Analytics Partner?

Neurasol thrives on the use of modern data analytics technology to equip clients with cutting-edge data analytics solutions. The key reasons why you should partner with Neurasol to level up your data analytics game are as below:

  • Reports that humans can read: Our data experts know that understanding reports is as important as finding insights from them. That’s why, we utilize the best data visualization techniques in reports to highlight the important insights. This approach gives managers and data analysts a clear view of what the report is trying to convey.
  • Time-saving automation: Our focus is to save time and we do it by implementing self-service BI, setting up automated governance processes, and automated data management. With the setup, managers and CEOs can create reports without the need to write a single line of code. It also removes the need to work with data manually.
  • Generated data analytics value: Neurasol data experts’  extensive data analytics skills with the ability to create insightful reports are driven by value. The value-driven approach makes data insight hunting worthwhile, saving precious time and effort and providing value to the organization in terms of optimizing current business operations with cost and productivity improvements.
  • Robust ELT process: Clean data means better results. To ensure that you get clean data into the analytics solution, we follow a robust ELT model where the output data is always consistent, reliable, and accurate — creating a single source of truth from different data sources.

In short, with Neurasol, you get a partner who understands your data analytics requirement and can help you empower your business with deep data insights.

What Our Clients Says

Our food business wants to offload basic tasks as they consume our precious time. With proper onboarding and understanding of our business, all the manual tasks are now managed by Neuurasol. Now, we focus on growing our business.

Mark Clavem

Finding the right managed service provider was challenging, but once I found Neurasol, I found the perfect partner for our business. They’re proactive and offer excellent scalability and fixed cost.


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