Compliance and security are at the core of your business success. Setting up proper measures to protect organizational data and processes is vital, even for small startups. For enterprises, security and compliance are among the most significant challenges. If done right, it can protect them from malicious actors or unwanted data leaks.

With Neurasol as your security and compliance partner, you can focus on growing your business as we set up proper security measures to mitigate risks. Our security and compliance engineers have years of experience with knowledge of various industries on how to implement programs and strategies to secure company data assets.

Our IT Compliance services enable organizations to meet compliance and security requirements. We handle the following security and compliance in HIPPA, GLBA, GDPR, NYDFS, ISO 27000, FINRA, and SEC.

At Neurasol, we establish our Security and Compliance service on these core pillars:

  • Use a robust security framework for improved security and compliance
  • Automate governance, risk, and adherence to minimize risks and handle ever-evolving regulatory submissions.

Neurasol Security and Compliance Services Include:

At Neurasol, we offer comprehensive security and compliance services. These services include:

  • Enterprise risk management: We provide complete risk management by following frameworks. These frameworks rely on industry best practices for risk management, such as ISO 27005. Our security experts do a proper assessment and identify risks.
  • Governance: We help managers set up a regulatory environment by identifying the right regulations for the organizations. We help businesses implement industry standards such as CIS, PCI DSS NIST, and ISO 27001.
  • Compliance assurance: By studying the business, our experts ensure compliance with regulations such as CCPA, GDPR, NERC, and CIP SOX. Moreover, we also provide standards implementation for businesses that need it (NIST, CMMC).
  • Third-party risk management: Our security experts also handle and implement third-party risk management frameworks to ensure complete compliance based on business requirements.

How Neurasol Protects Your Business With Proper Security and Compliance Services?

At Neursol, we follow an intelligence compliance model that handles the regulatory pressure and associated complexity to implement it correctly. We handle each client differently and make decisions on the business requirements. We ensure proper risk management, keeping stakeholders’ interest and trust intact throughout the process. In the end, compliance helps the business and improves customer experience.

To achieve success, we follow strategic growth by optimizing the business processes. This leads to free resources, which are then diverted to other essential business roles. With this approach, we eradicate reactive compliance actions from strategic ones, taking full responsibility for risk management for the security and compliance of an organization.

The flexible operating model drives an understanding of business requirements with proper advisory and then running regulatory strategy to achieve complete business transformation. Our advisory team ensures proper conduct and does what is needed to protect the tech and security data.

With Neurasol, you get the best partner who focuses on strengthening your security and compliance framework around your organization. Our industry expertise ensures a risk-free approach.

Why Choose Neurasol as your Security and Compliance Partner?

Neurasol’s focus on improving the security and compliance landscape means a better prospect for any business that partners with us. Our years of industry experience allow us to lay the path for risk-free security and compliance advisory and implementation.

We help you achieve a complete governance setup according to the industry’s standards, such as CIS, PCI DSS, NIST, and local regulatory bodies. During the journey, we always keep tabs on risk management using a risk management framework and third-party risk management. We also aim to automate compliance to ensure compliance assurance.