ServiceNow is a cloud-based popular IT management workflow automation tool. With proper integration, your business can improve enterprise operations, workflow, productivity, and profits. ServiceNow excels at streamlining tasks and automating processes across various domains within your organization, including HR, customer service, IT, and security.

Neurasol is a top ServiceNow consulting company that enables you to use ServiceNow to its capacity. Our veteran ServiceNow solutions consultants are your trusted partners for custom Salesforce development, implementation, and integration. Our market expertise enables us to use the best ServiceNow implementation practices so that you can reap the benefits. With our platform-led approach, clients will cherish the improvements across the organization. We cover most ServiceNow products, including ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, Software Asset Management, Now Platform App Engine, HR Service Delivery, Customer Service Management, and Security Operations.

At Neursaol, we establish our ServiceNow services based on three core pillars

Our approach includes proper cost planning with the project timeline. By providing all the necessary information, we build trust with the business and ensure the Salesforce implementation goes according to plan.

Time to market can make or break a business's profitability. That's why our Salesforce Service Model includes all the measures for swift implementation, significantly reducing time to market.

Neurasol ServiceNow Services Include:

ServiceNow Consulting

ServiceNow ITSM

ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps)

ServiceNow App Development

ServiceNow Migration and Upgrade

ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM)

ServiceNow Consulting and Implementation

Neurasol offers top-tier ServiceNow consulting for businesses who want to figure out the challenges of implementing or managing ServiceNow. In our ServiceNow consulting service, Neurasol’s ServiceNow solution consultant learns about your business process and how you want to use ServiceNow to improve it. 

Based on the requirement, we provide detailed plans on how to proceed, which can include ServiceNow Implementation, ServiceNow migration from legacy ITSM systems, ServiceNow custom application development, improvement to existing ServiceNow functionality, and integration with other systems including ERP, email services, CMS, Jira, etc.

As a business, you can do ServiceNow consulting as a one-time approach or for full-cycle ServiceNow solution implementation. We also offer services for ongoing improvements which focus on identifying bottlenecks, designing solutions, and implementing them.

Our ServiceNow Consulting includes the following steps:

  • Identifying the key ServiceNow metrics.
  • Analyze the current enterprise system and IT landscape to better understand the requirements.
  • Create a roadmap for ServiceNow implementation informing the client about cost, time constraints, and resources.
  • Start implementing the ServiceNow services based on the plan. It can be app development, ITSM, integrations, or customization.
  • Monitor the performance through performance analytics
  • Provide support to ensure smooth operations and mitigate risks.

ServiceNow ITSM

ServiceNow ITSM (IT Service Management) enables mid-sized and large teams to streamline IT workflows. This gives teams a better productivity outlook, focusing on future-proofing their IT technology using the cloud platform.

At Neurasol, our expert ServiceNow ITSM experts provide briefs on expanding IT services improving resource management and response times. With expectations set up, we use ITSM’s best practices to fine-tune your IT processes on the single cloud, ensuring optimal synergy between analytics and shared data.


ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps)

Neurasol’s ServiceNow SecOps teams know the importance of urgent IT security handling, and our years of experience identifying and eradicating IT security threats protect enterprises from potential threats. Once cyber resilience is built, your business can reach operational agility and prioritize remediation through risk-based vulnerability management.

Our cybersecurity experts improve your business security by allowing ServiceNow SecOps to run alongside traditional security tools such as DLP, IAM, and SIEM. This approach clarifies business security operations, vulnerability response, threat intelligence, and trusted security circles. We also provide threat intelligence and configurance compliance to ensure optimal operations.


How Neurasol Helps You To Transform Business With ServiceNow

  • Excellent documentation: Never worry about your product growth as everything is documented from the start, giving you a solid base to grow your business in the future.
  • In-depth business consulting: Our ServiceNow Consultants use their years of experience to guide you on how to utilize ServiceNow in the best possible way. We minimize risk by identifying key performance metrics (KPIs) and taking necessary steps to optimize them.
  • Top talent: As a business, you don’t have to worry about talent as we take care of talent management under the hood. With Neurasol, you get access to the best ServiceNow talent providing services like ITSM, Security Operations, ITOM, ITBM, HR Delivery Services, Customer Service Management, etc.
  • Flexible pricing: We offer the best deal with you offering you the best flexibility to become and stay partners with us. With our flexible engagement model, you get access to the best ServiceNow talent without the need to build an in-house team.
  • Full transparency: We understand the importance of communication and keep it bidirectional throughout the project timeline. We always update stakeholders and management about product progress and changes.

ServiceNow App Development

ServiceNow orchestrates your enterprise services and systems with its powerful workflow engine. You can also use its App Engine to bring new enterprise low-code apps to the market. Our custom solutions experts evaluate your needs and create an app using the ServiceNow ecosystem’s app engine, removing the need to integrate third-party solutions.

Our ServiceNow-certified developers ensure that the custom apps use enterprise-grade scalability and security, giving your business the right tools to maximize ServiceNow platform capabilities. Furthermore, we follow a solid 4-step process to streamline app delivery, which includes:

  • Note down business requirements by communicating with stakeholders and understanding their pain points.
  • Create a scope for MVP creation and get meaningful feedback.
  • Facilitate design thinking methodology to ensure excellent user experience.
  • Deliver the app with gradual improvements.

ServiceNow Migration and Upgrade

Neurasol excels at providing a smooth migration and upgrade process for ServiceNow clients who are moving to a completely new ServiceNow setup or upgrading their ServiceNow services to new releases. Our ITSM team takes care of the migration process by following strict steps to ensure a high success rate. These steps include:

  • Migration consulting: Neurasol’s ServiceNow consultant analyzes your business IT infrastructure and identifies any issues associated with it. During the consultation, we carefully crafted a plan to improve the business process during the migration process. 
  • Data Migration and Integration: The team then takes care of the data migration to ServiceNow while ensuring proper integration of tools and the ServiceNow ecosystem.
  • Configure and Customization: In this step, we configure and customize the ServiceNow instance according to the client’s requirements.
  • Quality Assurance: Our QA team takes over to ensure that the ServiceNow instance is functioning by mitigating issues and deploying disaster management solutions.
  • Support: To ensure optimal operation, we provide 24/7 support to new instances.

ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM)

ServiceNow offers complete automation within the ecosystem through its IT operations management. Neurasol can help you achieve maximum efficiency by automating IT operations, and improving productivity. It also minimizes outages by providing ongoing service health monitoring.

    Why Neurasol for ServiceNow Consultation?

    Neurasol is a leading ServiceNow consulting firm that readily understands and implements the best practices. By becoming Neurasol’s ServiceNow partner, you benefit from:

    • We solve the challenges around aligning ServiceNow according to your company’s needs. Our expert in-depth ServiceNow knowledge enables us to solve complex requirements.
    • We strike the right balance between customization and functionality enabling you to configure your ServiceNow integrations as per your requirements. Our eye for balance goes a long way, saving you tons of money as changes are rarely needed.
    • Neurasol’s ServiceNow experts ensure that your business gets returns to ServiceNow investment by minimizing associated risks. Our approach defines every vital step that takes risks and benefits into account.

    What Our Clients Says

    Our food business wants to offload basic tasks as they consume our precious time. With proper onboarding and understanding of our business, all the manual tasks are now managed by Neuurasol. Now, we focus on growing our business.

    Mark Clavem

    Finding the right managed service provider was challenging, but once I found Neurasol, I found the perfect partner for our business. They’re proactive and offer excellent scalability and fixed cost.


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